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Jul. 3rd, 2008 | 07:00 pm
posted by: unlikeothers in judgeme_sortme

17) What is your opinion on the Epilogue of the Deathly Hallows?
I think the Epilogue is absolutely fantastic. I have heard far too many people say that it spoiled the book or 'let it down' at the very end. No. I disagree with that very much. Someone the other day even went as far as to say that they thought a fitting end would have been for Harry to have died! HOW?! I suppose I can see in some ways why they would say that but...no, that's not a perfect ending for me. I think one of the main problems that people have with this is that they still think of Harry Potter as The Boy Who Lived and not the boy who defeated the Dark Lord then grew up into a man and married his best friend's Sister who he loved and had three children with her. They aren't thinking about him as he would be nineteen years on from the Final War. I think it's a very fitting ending. It shows how he really has grown. If I'm correct then Harry and Ginny had their first child seven years after the Final War. By this time Harry had had plenty of time to work some things out. It was only a year or two after this that that he had his youngest child who was called...Albus Severus. Who could ever have imagined that Harry would call one of his children after a teacher that had made his life hell for six years, who he thought had killed his last protector (or so he thought at the time before he knew Severus was actually his last protector) and here he is, naming his child after him. That for me, though people say it's far too cheesy to name a kid after other characters like that, shows Harry's maturity, shows Ginny's maturity and love for Harry that she wanted to call her Son that too. I think Harry having a happy ending is perfectly fitting and so very much deserved.
As for Ron and Hermione, of course they would have a happy ending, they had to! It was always Ron and Hermione from the very beginning. I liked the fact that she managed to keep them in character, especially Ron when she said that he'd Confunded his driving instructor and his comment about if one of their kids was in Slytherin they would disown them. It was a very Ron thing for me and I liked it, especially with Hermione repremanding him still for things. It made you see that they always had been meant for each other, that the only thing different at school was that they wasn't quite as mature, hadn't seen the things they had after the Final War and that they weren't married. 
No, I think that the Epilogue was absolutel perfect. No matter who argues that point with me they won't change my mind about that. They deserved a happy ever after, all of them and I'm so glad they got it.

18) In your opinion, could the series as a whole, or a particular aspect of the series be seen as a metaphor for anything?
So much of Harry Potter could be seen as a metaphor. I think the idea of Good and Evil has such an intense message about the world in general. The idea of the good people and then of course the cruel people in the world. Murderers, thieves etc. The message is so clear, I love how she's teaching the children through fiction, teaching them the right side to be on. The message that she describes by the Death Eaters in Azkaban as the true evil in the world and that the good are the people who fight for what they want, for what's right.
I also like her message I think with all of Harry's protectors. I know that they all die and while that's so very sad, it also shows the love that a good person has. She shows the good in people through emotions in the fiction. She shows that even the good people can make mistakes. Dumbledore is the perfect example of that in so many ways, not only with his time with Grindelwald, but when he's talking to Harry and the end of Order of the Phoenix (I cared about you too much.
She showed that there are petty people in the world who's grudges cloud their judgement beyond reconciliation (Snape) and yet the good in them can never truly leave them. He repented, he agreed to risk his life and know he could be killed at any time, that he would do all of this to protect his high school best friend's son, even though he hated her husband, that all he saw in Harry was his father, except for the end. I like how she shows there that he finally sees Lily in Harry for the first time as he's dying. He looks into his eyes and sees that they are Lily's and that he wasn't just the son of James. Again, showing how people in the world can be disguised in Evil but are Good, just as Good can be disguised as Evil. 
She shows justice in the books. I'm not talking about Voldemort being killed; yes of course that was justice, but I'm talking about smaller things too. Draco Malfoy in particular. He considers Blood Status to be of the utmost importance in the world. Yet what happens at the end? Harry saves him...twice. She shows, and this is one of the reasons why I think the Epilogue was so important, that nineteen years later, Draco has had his eyes opened. Hermione has proven that Mudbloods aren't what he has seen them to be and we see this when Harry and Draco see one another at Platform 9 and 3/4. They don't speak to one another but the nod they give one another shows respect and equalness. There's no more emnity. No friendship maybe, but no hate either.
She shows in so many ways the message of Good and Evil. In the real world of course it's still not as clear cut as what's in the books, but it's fiction, it can't be all blood and violence and horror. She portrays things in such a way that at first it seems hidden. It is only as you start to grow that you see the messages and metaphors in here. The Order is the good in the world and the Death Eaters are the evil. That's the metaphor and I don't think that anyone can project such important messages like Jo can.


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from: miyukiryuu
date: Jul. 3rd, 2008 08:23 pm (UTC)

Ahh yes! Your point about good and evil is really great.
I was too wrapped up in my rahrah human rights equality rant to really notice about good and evil, but of course, its a very very strong theme in the books, maybe I should have commented on that. ahh nevermind.
Anyway yeah! I really like the way she teaches children about true goodness and true evil in a totally non sugarcoated way, she describes it through true humane emotions and situations, not portraying im in a glossed over or 'child-friendly' way, which is a huge part of my thing that- this not a children's book! its dealing with much deeper issues, and deals with them in a human and reletatively realistic manner, I dont think that there is really any element of children's fiction in there at all.

You were saying about the Order, and the Death Eaters. Its true, to some extent that they represent the good and evil, but dont you think that Jo's point was that its not unchanging, and permeneant is it? its not cardboard cut out good versus bad, humanity is more complicated than that. I mean, take Snape for example. I realise that this example is not entirely valid because he wasnt actually a true Voldemort suppouter for most of the time.. the point is that he is a good example of a Death Eater who turns out to be probably more brave and good than some of the Order members! (Not that im belitteling their efforts, but you see what I mean?) Its not so cut and dried, and not so cardboard cut out. I think that is also shown in the unity of the Hogwarts houses- you know, that Slytherins are not primarily evil, and Gryffindors are not primarily good either. And both are perfectly capable of good and bad acts, respectively. (As shown by Dumbledore for example) And I think that that really helps to show that things arent so easy in real life either.
Anyway! Im totally ranting and I seem to have forgotten my next point ahahahaha!
I look forward to your reply =]

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from: unlikeothers
date: Jul. 5th, 2008 09:04 pm (UTC)

Ooh no I liked your answer too, it showed all the problems in the world and that you consider them. I guess I only put half of what I should too. At least we both know what we've talking about =P but yes, she's very good at keeping it interesting for children but not making it a beautiful fairytale 'happy ever after' in the sense that the evil posed a threat but then went. She killed characters in the book, people we all loved and yet she still had everyone gripped.

I agree with you and you make a good point. While I believe that she is trying to portray the good and evil in the Order and the Death Eaters you are quite right, she does show that nothing is clear cut as there being two sides. It's like the saying goes, 'there are two sides to every story', but in this case there are a hundred or more different sides. There are so many things that happen that not one of them could ever be called clear cut or just as simple as being that they are good or evil. It's like Sirius said to Harry isn't it? 'The world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters.' Never a truer word spoken!

I think that Snape and Dumbledore are the perfect examples of this, like you say especially with Snape being a Death Eater. He wanted to join Voldemort but then he realised that the love of his life was going to be murdered and then everything changed for him. Dumbledore, likewise, with his 'for the greater good' motto and all the ways he saw Muggles, yet in the end there was no wizard who loved Muggles so much.

Again, when thinking about things not being clear cut. The Marauders...the way they treated Snape as kids but James had a conscience and he couldn't risk Snape being killed. Like Lupin tells Harry in OOTP, the book: 'I neither like nor dislike Snape.' It's complicated.

Now I'm rambling but I think you might get what I'm meaning. I just mean that she's showing that there is good and evil sides I think, but as you quite rightly say, though there are those two sides, it's never easy to seperate tthe two.

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