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judgeme_sortme's Journal

Judge Me, Sort Me; a sorting community.
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a relaxed, friendly, non-elitist sorting community.
Welcome to Judge Me, Sort Me. A sorting community for the Harry Potter series.

This is really just a laid back sorting community.
The aim is to create a friendly atmosphere without
rigorous applications or rules and things like that.
Just fill out some questions, and then others can judge which house your qualities define you as. Also, open discussion, fic-posts and general Harry Potter related things are fine, but it is mostly a sorting community.
No rules, no moderated submissions, and no elitism.

Any queries or questions at all, contact me: silversalamander69@hotmail.com

Here are the questions:

Once you have answered them, post them to the community.
You can LJ-cut if you like, but its not essential.

1) What is your favourite magical subject?

2) What do you value the most in your life:
friendship, ambition, intelligence, or courage?

3) What do you think are your strongest personality traits?

4) How well do you handle conflict/respond to aggravation?

5) In honesty, would you consider yourself more selfish or more selfless?

6) Would you say that morality is based on inherent goodness in people, or not?

7) Would you ever agree with the sentiment ‘For the Greater Good’

8) What is your view of the way that Dumbledore has treated Harry in regards to Harry and Voldemort? Would you say that Dumbledore is simply an old man who is vulnerable to mistakes, human weakness etc; or would you say that he is extremely manipulative and therefore does not deserve sympathy?

9) If you were to face a boggart what do you think it would turn into?

10) What is your view of Snape; is he actually selfless and sacrificing, and brave or is he simply self-serving and only cared about Lily and didn’t care about Harry or James in the equation? (“You disgust me. So her husband and son can die, as long as you get what you want?”)

11) What is your view of Tom Riddle, and how he became Lord Voldemort?
For instance, was he 'born evil' or more shaped by his circumstances and the cruelty of the world, or otherwise? ("It is our choices that define us...")

12) "Greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite../
But nothing I have seen in the world has supported your famous pronouncement that love is more powerful than my kind of magic.."
Greatness, of course, does not equate with goodness.
What is your view of Tom Riddle's inability to love; is he inherently incapable, or is he simply what the world has made him?

13) 'Neville is just as important as Harry in the series, due to the prophecy and it shows that they are in fact equal in a lot of ways.'
How far do you agree?

14) In a hypothetical situation, if you could posses the Elixir of Life and live as long as Nicolas Flamel; would you drink it? Do you think it would be less appealing because you would have to rely on drinking it to sustain immortality, so it would not be whole and perfect, but you might still drink it? On the other hand would you not drink it because it gives a 'cursed life' as we are told in the Philosophers stone?

15) Which element would you say you identify with the most;
Earth, Air, Fire or Water?

16)Who is your favourite character, and why?

17) What is your opinion on the Epilogue of the Deathly Hallows?

18) Lastly; in your opinion, could the series as a whole, or a particular aspect of the series be seen as a metaphor for anything?